Fiber Manager


 Job Summary:

As a Fiber Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of the fiber optic network infrastructure. The Fiber Manager's main objective is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the fiber network to deliver high-speed and reliable internet connectivity to customers.

Work Location:
Babil/ Hilla

Type of Work:

Full Time


  • 1- Collaborate with engineering teams to plan the expansion, upgrade, and optimization of the fiber optic network. 
  • 2- Conduct feasibility studies, evaluate network capacity, and identify areas for network improvement.
  • 3- Develop detailed fiber network designs, including fiber routes, splice locations, and equipment placement.
  • 4- Manage fiber deployment projects from initiation to completion. 
  • 5- Coordinate with internal teams, contractors, and vendors to ensure timely and cost-effective implementation of fiber infrastructure projects.
  • 6- Oversee fiber optic splicing and termination activities. 
  • 7- Ensure proper testing and documentation of fiber connections to maintain network performance and reliability.
  • 8- Monitor the performance and health of the fiber network infrastructure. 
  • 9- Proactively identify and resolve network issues, such as fiber cuts, signal degradation, or equipment failures.
  • 10- Implement quality control measures to ensure the integrity and reliability of the fiber network, conduct regular audits, inspections, and testing to meet service level agreements and customer expectations.
  • 11- Supervise a team of fiber technicians and field engineers. Provide technical guidance, training, and performance evaluations to ensure a skilled and motivated workforce.
  • 12- Coordinate with cross-functional teams, such as operations, sales, and customer support, to address customer requirements and resolve network-related issues.
  • 13- Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, standards, and safety protocols. Stay updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in fiber optic network management.

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • - Bachelor's degree in telecommunications, electrical engineering, or a related field.
  • - Good Command in English & Arabic languages.
  • - 3-5 years of experience in fiber optics and vast knowledge in ISP and OSP deployment.
  • - 1-3 years Managerial level.
  • - 1-3 Years experience in giving quotation and solutions to the client and supporting the service provider with technical solutions.
  • - Proficiency in fiber optic cable installation, termination, splicing, and testing.
  • - Familiarity with fiber optic tools and equipment.
  • - Ability to identify and resolve network issues.
  • - Strong problem-solving skills to troubleshoot fiber optic connectivity.
  • - Proficiency in project management tools and software.
  • - Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • - Strong analytical skills to assess network performance, evaluate capacity.
  • - Proficient in maintaining accurate records.
  • - Proficiency in troubleshooting fiber optic network issues.